How do Warzone Tournaments work?

The majority of tournament hosts use skill based divisions, meaning you'll only ever play against people of an equal skill level to you. So, whether you're weekend warrior or seasoned pro, you'll be pitted against fair competition.

Let’s start by dispelling a common myth about Warzone Tournaments:

“Warzone Tournaments are only for the best players.”

This is categorically not true. Not for the tournaments we run at TourneyTime anyhow. The majority of tournament hosts use skill based divisions, meaning you’ll only ever play against people of an equal skill level to you. So, whether you’re weekend warrior or seasoned pro, you’ll be pitted against fair competition. Typically skill divisions are separated based upon the total team KD (kill/death) ratio. For example a duos tournament may have an “Entry” division where the maximum team KD is 3.00, therefore one duo team could be made up of two players with 1.5KD each, or, it could be made up of one player with a 2KD and another player with a 1KD, or any other combination that makes up 3! The same tournament may then have an intermediate division for duos with a team KD of 3.01 – 6.00, and then an uncapped division for duos with a combined KD of 6.01+. No matter how good (or bad) you might be, you can start earning money playing Warzone by taking part in competitions now!

How do Warzone Tournaments work in practice?

That depends. There’s a few different types of tournament, we’ll talk you through them all one by one:

Standard Kill Race Tournaments

A standard kill race tournament is the most basic and common type of Warzone Tournament. It can be ran as a duos, trios or quads tournament. The tournament will be ran during a specific time slot, e.g. over a three hour period from say 18:00 until 21:00. You will enter into public matches with your team mate/s during this time slot and your objective is to simply get as many kills as possible in each game. Typically your team’s best three games during this three hour period will count towards your score. It’s that simple. Queue up in public lobbies during the allotted time slot, get kills, get points. The top three teams usually take cash prizes, the size of which will be dependant on the buy in. Every now and then we run free to enter tournaments at TourneyTime, be sure to join our Discord so that you don’t miss out on these! Our kill race tournaments are fully automated meaning you don’t have to report your scores, we keep track of them for you so you can focus on your game!

Kill Race With Placement

For an added twist, some kill race tournaments provide points for placement as well as kills. For example you may get 1 point per kill, and an additional 10 points for finishing first. This can drastically change the predominant playstyle used. High points for placement encourage slower methodical playstyles, whereas low points for placement (or no points as per a standard kill race) promotes balls to the wall fast paced gunplay. Pick the tournament that suits your strengths.

Bracket Play | Single Elimination/Double Elimination Tournaments

Bracket play is a little more complex than a straightforward kill race, but a little more exciting. Bracket play is typically played as duos tournament for reasons which will become apparent. All entrants to the tournament are sorted into knockout style brackets. Each duo, will then queue into a quads lobby with the duo they’ve been seeded with. In the example image below Duo Team Alpha would queue into a public quads lobby with Duo Team Bravo. There are two main formats; single elimination, and double elimination. In a single elimination bracket style Warzone tournament, the losing team is eliminated after one game. In a double elimination tourney, the first team to lose two games gets the boot. In the example below, Duo Team Bravo advanced from their bracket, along with Duo Team Charlie from theirs, and so they’d play against each other in the next round.

The tournament host will organise the bracket/seeding for you, but it’s up to you to get into lobbies with your opponents. That’s why this tournament type is a little less common. Manual reporting of scores is normally also required. There’s something a little intense about queuing up with your opponents however, and then there’s also the added pressure of playing as a duo in a quads lobby!

How do I enter/find a Warzone Tournament?

A good place to start is by checking out our Warzone Tournaments page, alternatively you can join our dedicated Warzone Tournaments Discord. Find the tournament you want to enter, and simply follow the instructions provided in the tournament listing. Here’s an example of a free to enter $300 tournament we ran! As you’ll see, everything you need to know is provided in the tournament listing. If however you’re not sure about something just ask, our Discord has thousands of members willing to lend a helping a hand, and we also provide dedicate support via our ticketing system. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Other Stuff You Should Know About Warzone Tournaments

  • Our kill race tourneys use automated score tracking. For this to work however your COD profile needs to be set to public. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry, we’ve written you a handy guide. Aren’t we good…
  • Want to improve your game? Guess what… we’ve got a handy guide for that too.
  • What’s that… you don’t have a team mate to play with: HANDY GUIDE
  • You want the best loadout? Lot’sa cute little handy guides.

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