Warzone Tournaments

Compete for cash prizes in our skill-based Warzone Tournaments. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a weekend warrior, we’ve got a Tourney with your name on it! We provide regular cash prize tournaments with huge payouts!

Cash Prizes.

Score Tracking.

Skill Based Divisions.

Forget submitting scores after every round, harnessing COD API we automatically track your scores, meaning during our Warzone Tournaments you can focus on your game! Track how your squad is fairing up against the competition with our life leaderboards. We have strict anti-cheat measures in place, giving you the peace of mind that you’re playing against legitimate competitors. We run free and paid entry tournaments.

How do Warzone Tournaments Work?

If you’re not sure how tournaments work in practice, but want to know more you can check out our handy guide, where we dispel the myth that tournaments are only for the best players, and talk you through all the various types!

Upcoming Warzone Tournaments

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