How to make your Call of Duty profile public

Account Visibility

In a weird turn of events, Activision has decided to make all of the profile’s on the COD API private (i.e. only available to direct friends) instead of the previous default of public.

This means that our bot accounts no longer have the ability to pull your stats/matches/other info until you change your profile settings as described below:

How to change my profile back to public:
1. Open the Activision website and login using your account:
2. Browse to the Linked Accounts page:
3. Find your linked account (for example Blizzard, Xbox, PSN)
4. Against the configurable option ‘Data Visible’, change the value to ‘NONE’ and then back to ‘ALL’ (there is a bug on the website; you need to do this to be sure your data becomes public.)

This will allow your KD roles to be assigned correctly, and allow us to track live scores in our tournaments. If you’ve not already connected your account to activate your KD role, you can do so here.

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