SBMM Warzone is being shut down! | The Warzone Community Needs You!

There are times when we must pull together as gamers and this is one of them. The guys over at SBMM Warzone; you know that neat website we wrote about recently that gives you a heap of really useful information about your Warzone games and stats… well, Activision are allegedly trying to shut them down.

SBMM Warzone announced that they have been trying their best to reach out to Activision, to become partners, but thus far have had no luck. In their announcement they state that Activision have given them until Monday 29th to comply with the takedown request, quoting player privacy as being the main concern. Ben and Dav at SBMM Warzone say they are keen to uphold high levels of privacy, and feel that they can best ensure that by becoming partners with Activision.

Skill based matchmaking (SBMM) is a point of contention in the Warzone community, as Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t have an official ranked mode. Activision have never officially confirmed nor denied whether SBMM is present in Warzone, but data and research completed across the community strongly supports (all but confirms) its existence.

Players therefore want to understand the skill level of the lobbies they are playing in, and that’s where SBMM Warzone comes into play. SBMM Warzone uses Activision’s COD API to pull stats from each lobby for all players that have their Call of Duty profile set to public. Activision are however citing privacy concerns with this practice, despite members having to actively set their profile to public in order for the service to work.

We all love SBMM Warzone, and we don’t want to see it dissapear. Activision if you see this, on behalf of Tourney Time Network and over 100,000 of our members, please reconsider your stance and enter into open dialogue with SBMM Warzone to understand how they can continue to provide the valuable service they are providing to the community.

Warzone players: our ask is to get behind SBMM Warzone Tweets! Like, Retweet, Share. Do what you can to spread the word.

Bravo Six, Going Dark.

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