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Starfield: Everything you need to know!

Starfield is the first RPG of Bethesda’s in 25 years. Beyond knowing that it’s set in space, information is scarcely available and has been kept tightly under wraps by the dev team. There’s a few basic tidbits that have done the rounds and some “leaked” images (read unverified). We’ve collated everything you need to know right here!

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Starfield Release Date

So what’s Starfield’s release date? …we don’t know. It’s not been announced yet, and with the onset of the global pandemic it’s probably been pushed back from whatever it was. When Fallout 76 launched three years ago, Bethesda suggested that Starfield would likely not ship on current generation consoles. Now we’re in the next generation of consoles it could drop at any point. Industry insider Jeff Grubb believes that “[Bethesda] are going to have it at E3” which is only two months away (June 2021). This could be in anticipation of a launch later in the year in the run up to the Holidays.

Starfield Leaked Images

Last September a selection of images emerged on Imgur, purporting to be a first look at Starfield. These are unverified, but we believe them to be authentic. Either that, or they’re some really really good fakes.

Starfield: Official Trailer

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