Warzone Directional Sound Fix | Hear Footsteps

There's an easy sound fix for making footsteps easier to hear in Call of Duty Warzone. Increasing the sound of footsteps and decreasing others.

Okay, so we’re almost a year into Warzone now, in fact Season 2 is about to launch, and it’s a phenomenal game. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a Battle Royale; Call of Duty shooting mechanics, fast paced, fantastic map, and no silly silly building… There are some wrinkles need ironing out, but on the whole I think Infinity Ward and Raven Software have done an excellent job. What more could you want?

How about gunshots that are 500m away not sounding like someone’s just pulled the trigger on a Barrett .50 cal inside your ear canal? There’s an easy solution to fixing this directional sound issue but it comes at a slight compromise.

The go-to sound setting for multiplayer in Modern Warfare multiplayer was/is either boost high, or boost low. Which one you chose came somewhat down to your headphones/audio set up, and the purpose of this was to try and increase the volume of footsteps. As such, this setting has automatically carried itself through to Warzone for you and it’s hurting your directional sound.

Think about it. You’re artificially boosting certain sounds and this is causing distant gunshots to be louder than they should be. The fix? Select the “Studio Reference” audio setting.

It will sound weird to begin with! You’ve got used to things sounding louder than they should, but you will immediately notice a significant improvement in your directional sound. The compromise is that footsteps will not sound quite as loud as they did. However for me, the trade off is worth it. The sound design is actually really, really good when using the Studio Reference setting. And it should be. This is how the developers wanted you to hear the game!

Give it a go. Give it more than one minute. Give it more than one game. If you don’t like it then, switch back to your previous setting. But don’t blame the devs. They got it right. We’ve been getting it wrong!

Want even more audio improvements? Find them here!

Credit to Warzone LFG Community server user Dewdrift for telling me about this! He’s also a very cool guy so jump in a game with him!

Warzone Sound Fix Hear Footsteps
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