Warzone: Foresight and Bombardment | New Streaks

Insane New Streaks Foresight and Bombardment

This nuke event is dragging on, but some exciting news has actually come out of Warzone Season 2’s mid season update. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s new Foresight and Bombardment streaks!

After slow progress, Raven have finally activated the Containment Monitoring Stations around the map, which can now be used to purchase higher tier streaks for use in your next game of Warzone. As with any Warzone update however, it’s already proving a little bit controversial.

Here’s a list of the available streaks.

Streaks available at Containment Monitor Stations in Warzone

Most of these are fairly self explanatory, but there’s two that stand out as being particularly new. Foresight and Bombardment.

What is the Foresight streak?

This is the more controversial streak of the two, albeit we’re yet to see how these two streaks could interact with one another for ultimate sweatiness (we’ll expand on this later.)

Foresight is a little bit like completing a Recon contract, in that it gives you site of future circles. Except, Foresight gives you site of every circle, right down to the final one. This gives you chance to plan your rotations and get a strong holding position in the final circle before your opponents.

How do I get the Foresight streak?

There’s an easy bit to this, and a harder part. The easy bit is to simply head to one of the three Containment Monitoring Stations (located at the Missile Silos) around the map (we’ve provided a handy map below with the locations marked in blue).

Head over to the station’s interactive screen, and you’ll be presented with a menu that mimics that of a Buy Station. Except this Buy Station has the unique streaks and items detailed above.

The harder part, is that you need to find $20,000 before you get there. Probably easier to do than completing every Recon contract available, but it does create need for compromise. Do you go for a loadout or Foresight?

Containment Monitoring Stations marked by Blue/New.

What is the Bombardment streak?

Described in game as “a missile barrage over areas affected by the outbreak” this powerful streak, is like a super cluster strike. It has a huge blast zone and lasts for a whole minute.

Check out the power of this thing below.

How do I get the Bombardment streak?

It ain’t easy. We never said that it would be. To get your hands on this streak firstly you need to head to the Zombie Outbreak zone in Verdansk which, is as of writing, at Downtown Bank. Activate the Trial Machine there and kill all the zombies. Doing so will drop a yellow key card which can then be used to open up the Zombie Chest within which there is a purple key card. Now head over the a Containment Monitoring Station (Missile Silo) et voila. You may purchase the Bombardment streak.

Super Sweat

The Bombardment Streak works on “areas affected by the outbreak.” What happens if you happen to lay your hands on the Bombardment Streak, and purchase Foresight, and the final circle just so happens to be in an area plagued with Zombies? Insta win? Super rare. Will it ever happen? We look forward to finding out.

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