Warzone Custom Loadouts: The Tryhard (M4A1 and AX-50)

We’ll keep this short and simple. This is going to be a series guide to the best custom loadouts you can use in Warzone. We’re starting with “The Tryhard”. The ultimate sweat loadout. If you’re going for wins at all costs then look no further. We got you covered.

The guns:

M4A1 – short/medium range;

AX-50 – long range;

The perks:

Coldblooded – you won’t be visible to AI targeting systems, but most importantly you are not visible to thermal scopes and do not trigger high alert.

Overkill – this is necessary to be able to run the M4A1 and AX-50 simultaneously;

Tracker – virtually OP. You can see your enemies footsteps.


The M4A1 details:

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor: keeps you silent and off the radar, adds range.

Barrel – (Corvus Custom) Marksman: adds range, but not at the cost of too much ADS speed. Keeps you mobile for those close quarters fights.

Optic – Monocle Reflex Sight: this is the best short/medium sight. You don’t need a multiplying optic here. We have the AX-50 for killing at range.

Underbarrel – recoil stabilisation is key here, not recoil control. We need steadiness over long bursts of fire.

Ammunition: 60 Round Mag: you don’t want to be reloading before you’ve killed your enemy. This is a must.


The AX-50 details:

Range, range range.

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor: silent but deadly. Adds range, keeps your shhhhhhh.

Barrel: 32″: did someone say something about range? Want to hit that 500m headshot? Look no further.

Optic – Thermal Dual Power: varying range, optical scope. I’m surprised this exists. It’s too powerful.

Stock – Singuard Arms: reduces weapon sway.

Underbarrel – Bipod: keeps you steady when you most need it.

Everything else:

Stims – these will come in handy more than you might know. Pop one after being revived = instant full health. About to die to the gas? Instant full health.

Claymore – personal preference.

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