Warzone Bunker Codes and Locations

Season 2 of Warzone has brought about a few changes, with the introduction of three new bunkers! We've also got a list of all the Warzone Bunker Codes you'll need to get the best loot!
Warzone Bunker Codes Map Locations.jpg
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It’s common knowledge that bunkers contain some of the best loot in Call of Duty Warzone. To get in them you typically need a Warzone Bunker Code. However, Season 2 has brought about a few changes, with the introduction of three new bunkers! However, a handful of bunkers from Season 1 have been sealed up with now way to enter. This means only around half remain in use. Given these changes we thought we’d help you out! Here’s how to access and find all of the bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone Season 2.

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Warzone Bunker Locations Map

Warzone Bunker Codes Map Locations.jpg
  • Blue markers are new Warzone Season 2 Bunkers and do not require a code or key card!
  • Yellow marker denotes an access code is required.
  • Red marker denotes a key code required – none of these bunkers are currently available for use as red key cards have been taken out of loot drops.
  • Green marker denotes “Bunker 11”

NEW! Season 2 Warzone Bunkers

The new bunkers are located beneath the three massive concrete monuments dotted around Verdansk, you’ll find them in the following locations:

Jarvdinsk Spomenik above the Arklov Peak Military Base

Zoszni Spomenik southeast of the Novi Grazna Hills

Styor Spomenik in Tavorsk Park

These new bunkers don’t require codes or access cards to enter, however on the other hand, they’re also not quite as lucrative from a loot perspective as those that do. Within each one however you will find a terminal showing a zombie icon and a percentage number. Likely linked to the upcoming zombie outbreak event, but only time will tell.

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Warzone Bunker Codes

Currently available:

  • [1] South Junkyard – 97264138
  • [2] Park – 60274513
  • [3] Prison Shack – 72948531
  • [5] TV Station – 27495810

No longer accessible:

  • [0] North Junkyard – 87624851
  • [4] Farmland – 49285163
  • [6] South of Hills
  • [7] Dam
  • [8] South of Military Base
  • [9] East of Quarry
  • [10] Prison
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